The rag doll sits alone on the shelf.

He used to be the girl's favorite toy.

He would brighten her day when she was down.

Then one day, she found another boy,

And the doll's smile became a frown.

The doll had always vowed to be there,

Until she met somebody to take his place.

Now, at the recieving end of her baslisk glare,

He knows he lost the race.

The doll's motto had always been

"Whatever makes her smile."

But now he knows that he truly wasn't

Wasn't worth her while.

The rag doll sits alone on the shelf,

Never again to see the happiness of life,

Wanting only to bring happiness to the girl's self,

A now pointless and vain strife.

Yeah... I wrote this about a week ago when I was feeling kinda' crappy. Enjoy my misery in words!