We have recently discovered a new kind of animal here at Hide the Children Industries. We meaning I, because I'm the only person who DOES ANYTHING AROUND HERE!!!!!! Anyway, we have discovered this being in a saltwater taffy plant. We call him Theo, the SquidCow. See Theo Here

Well, we got bored of just poking Theo with sticks and poles, so we decided to pit him against our strongest fighter, Jeezum Squirrell!

The following are the actual camera shots of Theo and Jeezum fighting. They were fighting in my computer's paint program...

Here we see Theo and Jeezum Squaring off.

Here, Theo jumps high into the air

Theo's jump confuses Jeezum.

Uh oh! Will Jeezum be able to evade Theo?!


The End

In loving memory of Jeezum the Squirrell, June 17 2005- June 18 2005