Gar, me matey, kick it.

Arg arg matey.
Arg arg matey.

Yar. Stop. Collaborate an' be listnin'.
I be back with me bran' new invention.
Me new mast that be burnin' sails brightly.
Plunder the ladies daily and nightly.
Will I stop? Gar I don't know.
To davey Jone's I rock a mic like a lubber
Set fire to a house an' hoist up me yardram.
Gar go rush to the cannon that booms.
I be keel haulin' yer brain in me ship that zooms.
Deadly when I be plottin' me villainry
Gar it not to me what to you's a felony.
Yarg love it or leave it ye better gain way
Ye better be fearsome cuz this P don' play.
If there was a problem, gar I'll solve it.
Check out the hook on me DJ the Faucet.

Arg arg Matey
Arg arg Matey
Arg arg Matey
Arg arg Matey.

Now that me pegleg be thumpin'
With me patch on right an' me parrot a squakin'
Tippin' black spots till their legs be shakin'
Stabbin' me hook till their backs is achin'.