A Very Strange Conversation

This conversation in notes spawned from our art teacher sending my friend Sam from the Class.

Catherine:SOMEBODY'S PMSing.

Me:I always knew Daniels(art teacher) was a chick.

Catherine:I don't want to know how you knew.

Me:Yeah you do. You know you're curious.

Catherin:You spelled and used the right "you're"!! Can't believe there's actually somebody in Jasper who knows correct grammar! Yeah you! Anway no, I'm deffinately more scared than curious.

Me:Admit it! You are curious! I can feel it in my brain!*tiny sketch of brain*


Me:*tiny sketch of tea pot*Now its a tea pot! I don't like tea...

Catherine:I like greentea- honey ginsang by Celestial Seasoning :)

Me:Yeah... Well... Rats to you!*tiny rat sketch*

Catherine:May the Blue Jello God burn his wrath upon you!

Me:Never!! My moon mice are my guardians who shall stick with me, thick or thin. And they eat blue jello!*tiny moon mouse sketch*

Catherine:Not if it's rodent-eating blue jello! It will squeeze their furry witle bodies until they become jello-jigglers in the shape of mice-then they'll eat YOUR worthless moon mice!! HAHA!!!

Me:Yeah... Well, moon mice aren't actually rodents. They're kitties!

Catherine: And my jello is acidic- it'll rule the world one day! MARK MY WORDS!!

Me:But... I don't want to... I'll never do your bidding!

Catherine:HA! You don't have a choice once my jello consumes your soul! (this is written down)*maniacle laughter*

Me:Shows you! I've already sold my soul for an undisclosed amount of magic beans! Muahahahahhahahaaaa!

Catherine:(this is written down)*pouts*No fair :( Then I'll steal your beans from you!

Me:But you don't know how many beans I have, therefore I can still hide some and you'll never be the wiser of my hidden beans!!

Catherine:But I'll plant the onces I find, wait for the bean stalk to grow, seduce the giant and send him after you and your petty moon mice.

Me:Shows you! The giant is a homosexual. And the beans don't grow stalks. They're magic because they are subterrainian growing beans.

Catherine:Yeah, well, you stink. Who says the giant isn't a girl? And that I'm not homosexual- huh, huh?! And you were jipped for your money because these beans grew stalks! :P