King of Cats

There once was a miller that came home frightened. His wife asked him what the matter was and he stuttered,"C-c-cats... Dozens of them!" His cat meowed. "what about cats, honey?" the wife asked.

"They were standing on two legs, with eyes bright green!" the miller responded. His cat meowed again and jumped onto the window sill.

"Go on! there must be more than cats to scare you!" the wife proclamed.

"Yes! There was! They were holding something made of wood! Shaped like a coffin and the size of a cat, it was!" the miller stated. The cat meowed and looked out the window.

"Honey, that's impossible," the wife assured soothingly.

"And it wasn't that, that scared me," the miller said ignoring her,"It was what they said!"

"They talked?"

"Yes! And they said the king is dead and the new king of cats is Maximo!"

The cat turned towards them and stared.

"The king of cats?" the wife asked.

"Yes!"cried the miller..

Suddenly the cat stood up and proudly shouted," Finally! I am the king of cats!"

Frightened, the miller got a gun and shot his cat. The cats have yet to get a new king...

The End

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