The Moon Mice Venture, Day 2

Feb. 9, 2005-- In the last few days, I had built a rocket and went to the moon. Yesterday, I reached the moon, only to find there was no air on it. I had to put on my space suit and explore. As I thought, it is made entirely of cheese. I have even found some mice droppings and even saw one moon mouse. They are at least three times the size as eath mice!(About three and a half feet.)

The Moon Mice Theory, Day1

February 05, 2005-- Today, I have decided that since the moon is of cheese, it must be home to mice. In the days to come, I shall build a space shuttle and visit the moon to obtain the mice, whenceforth I shall bring them back here to share their secrets of how they survive on a rock of cheese without air... Please stay put for more updates daily...