The Purply Squid Part 3: Purply Forever

Flicked on the other day my television set,
There I saw three evils, a sitting in a jet,
The tall one had a sword, about six feet long,
The short one sung a Siren's Song.
Lastly, there was one who looked the norm,
Well, he set fire to a dorm.
I went to my rooftop, turned on a spotlight,
In three seconds flat, the purply took flight,
Out of the aquarium,
To the evils three,
I just stoof there, looking dumb,
Like dumb ol', stupid me.

Upon arrival to the jet,
Upon the ground the purply squid set,
Three emerald colored gems.
Soon the colored gems sparkled
And soon the gems grew stems!
Three giant looking ivy plants
Covered the whole gorund,
Reaching up leaves and vines,
All without a sound.

I scooted closer to my boob tube,
Interested in the fight,
I forgot my car at Jiffy Lube,
So my car was towed out of site.

By now the giant ivy vines
Had reached into the sky,
But the evils' jet had pulled up,
Obviously not wanting to die.
This made the purply angry,
As witnessed by his friend.
The only thing he wanted was
For this satire to end.

So wanitng to end it all,
The purply went to a balloon stall.
There he bought no less than six,
Then attached the balloons to sticks,
Holding one in each hand,
The purply squid began his stand.
He floated up, he floated high,
He floated into the dark night sky.
Three loud booms were heard,
Then falling down unlike a bird,
The three evils plummetted down.
The purply then began his long float
Back to town.

The End.