Q:What's it like being pudgy?

A:What's it like being gay?

Q:Where do you get your ideas from?

A:Your mother usually shouts some good ideas when she climaxes.

Q:You're website's stupid. Are you mentally retarded?

A:You're girlfriend's unsatisfied. Are you sexually inept?

Q:I have some ideas that you might find funny and put on your site. What's your e-mail adress?

A:I use only my own things or things that a friend and I compiled together."A Modest Proposal" is the one and only exception. But, if you wish to worship me more, my e-mail is Nezaru_shinobi@hotmail.com

Q:My friend and I have been looking over your things and we came to one conclusion;YOu're gay. Are you homosexual?

A:No. By all means no. I have a girlfriend. With whom I enjoy spending what time I can with. So the answer is no, Big boy;)

Q:I recognize the name Nezaru. Weren't you that one guy who was banned from the bakaneko drawing boards?

A:To clarify things, I told them to ban me on accounts that I was addicted and felt I was being given unfair treatment(the good kind where they treat you better than everyody else) because I was friends with a mod. By the way, I recognize the name Blo A. Cox. Weren't you that gay porno star?

Q:What were you doing whatching gay porno if you aren't gay?

A:Who said that I was?

Q:You did. Don't you remember saying that?

A:Its all a conspiracy. The government is trying to make me look bad by saying I watch gay porno.

Q:But you wrote it.

A:That wasn't a question. I win. You lose. I rule. You suck.

Q:Are you insane?

A:I was afraid that I was so I asked my girlfriend(she's taking psycology classes)and she said I wasn't. So I'm not and there's no way to prove that I am because ERIN'S WORDS ARE THE ONLY WORDS!

Q:What about God's words? Are you saying you don't love God?

A:I love God fine. I'm just saying that Erin's words are probably the most comforting thing to me.

Q:You're a sick, sad little man. How do you sleep at night?!

A:Wow. You must be pretty stupid. I'm no doctor, but I'm pretty sure you sleep by closing your eyes.

Q:Do you have rabies?

A:That's a stupid question. Of course I don't have rabies. Tho' I'm starting to think I do, as I'm foaming from the mouth quite often and I'm afraid of water...

Q:Who do you think is the greatest band of all time?

A:The Beatles.

Q:Let me rephrase. Who's your favorite band of all time?


Q:The martians are after my scalp. Do you have any magic elixers that will protect my scalp.

A:I call it shampoo.

Q:Are you too sexy for your shirt?

A:Yes. Yes I am.

Q:Will you have my babies?

A:Sorry, I don't have a uterus.

Q:We have heard you talk about this "girlfriend" of yours. I don't believe she exists.

A:Well, she doesn't believe you exist. Why? Because you don't. I'm writing this Q&A from the top of my head.

Q:Is it true I'm just a figment of your imagination?

A:Yes, actually. This Q&A is purely fictional.

Q:Does this mean Erin doesn't exist in the real world?

A:No. Erin lives in New Hampshire. She's real. Or my mind has been effecting my life a lot more than I thought. Then if that's the case, Amos(Jester Arkron) doesn't exist and neither does his site.

Q:Homo say what?

A:I'm not gonna' fall for that.

Q:*throws rock*

A:What the hell?!

Q:Haha! YOu said what!

A:So did you.

Q:Is this the end of the Q&A?

A:Why yes. Yes it is. Now go pray for forgiveness.