"Dangit Judas!"-Jesus's last words.
"Hey mom! Watch this!"-The first kid who died because he was running with scissors.
"Dang!"-The guy who was making the first atom bomb,"Slightly Overweight Adolescent Male". As you can tell, it didn't go too well.
"Your momma so fat-"-The real last words of the first victim in Psyco.
"I'm a can do kinda' guy"-Adolf Hitler
"Tis preposterous that they would think me of a dolt!"-George W. Bush
"Man. That Chuck Norris is one tough dude..."-God
"Then he stuck his pizzle in her wizzle"-Dr. Suess's adult book,"The Hat in the Cat"
"Freddie Krueger, Shmeddie Shmuger"-Self explainatory
"I'm happily married to my wife and three children. Wait... I can't marry children, can I?"-Michael Jackson
"I give up! I'll never be able to dance!"-BECK
"Bunnies are cute"-Chuck Norris
"Dude!"-Stephen Hawking
"Wanna' buy some chocolate? It's for my scout troup"-The kid in Tinnamen Square who stopped the train of tanks.
"Let the homos be! I think they're cute, anyway," Dick Cheney.