The Friendship Rock Throwing Rules:

1)No rock may have a diameter of more than 3 inches

2)No rock may weigh more than 2 ounces

3)The rock may not be heaved with all might. Just thrown normally.

4)If the rock hits and cuts the skin, thrower must provide band-aid and kiss for boo-boo

5)There is no subsitute for rocks.

6)A volcanic rock is not a sign of friendship

7)The throwing of a volcanic rock is a sign of romantic love

8)The said thrown rock must be thrown towards the friend

9)The said friend was be totally unaware of your rock throwing plans

10)Rock throwing may never be done in spite

11)Rock throwing is a sign of friendship, and should be taken very seriously

12)No, mayonaise is not a rock

13)The thrower of the rock may not be under the influence of any intoxicating substance at the time of the rock throwing.

14)All friendship rocks must have names

15)The said rock may not have the same name as the said friend, or else the rock throwing contract is null and void and is considered assault

16)The continental US is under this friendship rock throwing pact

17)Hawaii and Alaska are void of this pact

18)Puerto Rico is also under this friendship rock throwing pact

19)All of Canada are under this friendship rock throwing pact with the exception of New Foundland and everywhere within three miles of Thunder Bay

20)New Hampshire and Maine are considered Canada for said pact

21)Maine is now part of New Foundland, so it is not under this pact

22)The friendship rock throwing pact is only for humans. If done at animals, is considered assault.

23)No rock may inflict serious injury