The following are the (non-academic)things I've learned in school:

1)The French teacher is not "a baby eating surrender monkey."

2)The person on the intercom is NOT Jesus.

3)I may not refer to my art teacher as "muh negro."

4)When called to the office by the intercom, it is not alright to respond "I'm coming, Jesus!"

5)When getting a physical, when the doctor has you "turn your head and cough," it is not alright to to tell him,"I'm not sure I'm ready for third base."

6)It isn't okay to crack into a teacher's e-mail and mass send booty calls.

7)Nobody wants to hear your rendition of "Singing in the Rain" during study hall

8)When a teacher asks for your phone number as to call your parents, do not ask him "What time are you going to pick me up for our date?"(note, this one was actually done by Jester to our math teacher earlier this year.)

9)Lap dances won't get you out of ISS.

10)You may not bribe teachers with "favors" if they let you play with the chemicals in the science lab.

11)A Lucky Charms cereal box is NOT suitable attire.

12)The Spanish teacher is not "Ms. BigKnockers."

13)You cannot sell your friend's soul to the principal to get out of ISS

14)Teachers don't like it when you type all of your online assignments like this

15)Manga graphic novels are not suitable book report subjects.

16)Though the absence of heat is cold and the absence of light is dark, the absence of brains is not your math teacher.

17)The jocks don't appreciate you pointing out they're little group of friends(the jocks) is named after a certain male organ.

18)The principal doesn't take the gum of students' so he can eat it all himself.

19)The SRO does not like it when you tell him you'll give him "favors" if you can play with his taser.

20)George Washinton didn't cross the Delaware to "fight the Injins."

21)Clint Eastwood isn't a suitable research essay topic about America's forefathers.

22)I am not from Istanbul.

23)Some people's mothers really DO wear combat boots.

24)It isn't good manners to walk up to the Philipino lunch-lady and ask, "How's the weather in Mongolia?"

25)Jesus was NOT a viking.