Actual Fanmail Letters to Theo:

Master Squid wrote: Theo,I worship you damnit.

Isabelle_Inka_Rock wrote: Theo is the best squid cow ever. He is the best blend of

holstein and invertibre I've ever seen. Theo is good and we shall worship him forever.

All hail the great Theo.

Babsie315 wrote:He is hot, that is for a cow-squid-whatever-he-is. Anyway, I'm sending

you a hug. <(=^.^=)>

Acino wrote:I luff j00 Theo <3

Sam wrote:Dear Theo,

You're sexy.

Truly-Jane.(note, that her username is Jane_the_Ripper)

BroadwayBabe wrote:I LOVE THEO... there... fanmail for Theo... gosh! Yaaahhh Theo!

Kan03 wrote:Theo, you're so insane looking, it's almost loveable! I send out my hugs to you.

Your fan,