The Battle of the Century!
The Weasle Versus the Triangle!

Hello, fellow people. Taking a break from the recent events of Cat-in-coat and I attempting to take over the oval office, I have decided to pit nature's most fearsome objects against each other: The mighty weasle and the majestic triangle!

I bet most of you don't care and like my site better as a sort of online bookstore thing full of satire literature works. Well, I do care about this fight and I'm claiming that those of you that don't care are possessed! THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELLS YOU! THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELLS YOU! Good... Now that the demons are gone, let us comence.

The fight starts off with the weasle lunging at the triangle, as seen here:

Then, the weasle attempts a flurry of slashes with its claws:

There is a cloud of dust that covers them from the weasle's claws. Oh! The battle must be hitting its climax!

As the smoke blows away, it is clear who the winner is:

So, the winner is the magestic triangle...