The Purply Squid #2

Aloof be ye purply squid,

A hero for all the deeds he did.

Once children looked up to him,

For Grabbing their ball from the

Garabage bin.

He stood upon the wall that day,

Silence being all he say.

He close his giant, hubcap eye

And thus let out a sigh.

He spun 'round, to me he race,

Then karate chop me in the face.

I noticed then sbout the squid,

His true skin he had hid,

The yelley color of his head,

Imposter of the purply,

The purply could be dead!

Then suddenyl the sea come rise,

Then instantly to my surprise,

The yelley squid looked me in the eyes,

I had enough of his yelley lies,

Vainly I had wished a gun,

So vainly I began to run.

He whacked me with the sun,

Angry, like a nun.

Suddenly he doubled over,

I saw agains the light the ol' sea rover.

The real purply squid had come.

The End