Purply Squid 1:Check Mate

He stands out of the other squids,

Their colors blue and yellow,

He is quite the real strange squid,

Quite the eccentric fellow.

The things that mad ehim stand out most,

Were his bravery and his color,

The purply squid was greatest,

Rivaled only by the Yeller.

One day the squids happened upon a fishing boat,

On the side they could see wrote,

"Squid catcher" was the name of the boat,

And with their nets, the humans did smote

Many of the squids below.

Then suddenly out of the mess,

The purply challenged the captain to chess,

The captain agreed with a smirk,

And said,"If I win, you shall meet my dirk."

-Here the purply just stood and watched

As the captain mad the first move.

The day was long and the game was hard,

The captain's moves the purply could off ward,

Till suddenly the purply moved his rook,

and the captain's queen he took.

With a grin and a peck,

The squid put the captain in check,

And freed all of his squidy people.


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